Why don't I see any "Google" or "Other" orders anymore?

In some cases, you might be surprised not seeing any available orders on your dashboard. One of three things might be the reason why this is so.

1.  Google and Other orders are easy orders. Meaning, anyone can work on them easily, which tend to run out fast.

2.  You have maxed out your monthly task limit.

The numbers shown on each Available task indicate your limit for each type of order in a month. Amazon product tests limit you with up to 9 products to review. Google local tests also have a limit of 9 tests. And while Other orders are unlimited, they’re always up for grabs, and can easily run out.

3.  You deleted some of your reviews in the past.

Be careful in deleting reviews you’ve posted a while back. The basic rule of thumb here is: Don’t delete. Doing so regularly will lead to your profile being flagged as suspicious and may result to getting blocked for a period of time (usually up to 30 days).

A quick note on blocked profiles: You can still request for withdrawals, manage existing orders, update your personal information or delete your profile. But you can’t accept new orders.

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