Why was I removed from "Google" or "Other" jobs?

In some cases, Google or other platforms reject or even delete reviews you’ve submitted. Let’s take a look at this step-by-step scenario below:

Step 1: You accept a Google order and evaluate a company.

Step 2: You submit the rating and send the order for review.

Step 3: One of our administrators monitors this order.

Step 4: If your rating is NOT displayed, our administrator sends you back the order for review.

Step 5: You submit it back to us for a second review.

Step 6:  If your rating is still NOT showing, our administrator removes you from the order.

Step 7: The order goes back live for other users to take.

Of course, this isn’t to antagonize you. We value our testers like you much like we value our clients who provide us with these orders. So to make this partnership work, we always try our best to give them reviews in a timely fashion and not run the risk of losing our clients by letting them wait a little longer for reviews to be displayed. Remember, the happier our clients are, the happier we are. Yes, you and us.

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