What does "Further Verification" mean and how does it work?

There are two possible reasons why we require your account to be verified further:

1. The photo of your ID you submitted is too blurry.

2. Our internal controls have detected that your IP address is from another country other than the UK.

Any of these two reasons will prompt us to initialize our Further Verification process.

If you've submitted a blurry photo of your ID, simply take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with the text “Only for TesterJob” on one hand and your ID card on the other, making sure the front side of your ID is shown clearly. We require your face to be visible as well to ensure your face matches the one on your the ID. 

See below on how to submit your photo for further verification:

If more information is required, we may have to contact you by phone and ask you more verification questions. Once verified, you can start accepting orders and performing your tasks.

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